Factory Job in New Zealand

Factory Job in New Zealand

A factory is the production facility. Here, a large number of people are employed for different positions. These employees specialize in different processes and work collectively to achieve the organizational goals. One very important person involved in the operations of a factory is the factory worker. Usually, a wide range of job duties are assigned to a factory worker. These duties differ depending on the worker’s qualifications, experience, and skills.

A factory worker carries materials and equipment from one part of the factory to another. He also operates some machines and tools in the factory, and levels the fuel, chemicals, or any other material that is needed to keep the machine running. He puts the raw materials in the inlet and takes the finished product from the outlet to the storage or packaging staff.


The duties and responsibilities of a factory worker vary depending on the purpose of the factory. As a factory worker, you take part in at least one aspect of the manufacturing or production process. The different steps needed to produce a product are collectively called a production line. A factory worker may use machinery or perform manual tasks as part of the line. Some factory workers monitor output, pack or sort finished products, or assess the quality of manufactured goods. You may also be trained to do multiple jobs on the line.



Location: Hornby, Canterbury

We are seeking enthusiastic and hardworking individuals to work as Factory Hands for the next 2 weeks. This is an entry role and is physically demanding, we are looking for someone who is able to work independently, be punctual and be able to keep up physically with the workload.


Basic Responsibilities

  • Carrying Materials, Machines, and Tools

A factory worker is assigned with the task of carrying raw materials, machines, and tools from one place to another in the facility. He is required to listen to the instructions of the production staff and accordingly carry the specified quantity.

  • Cleaning, Repairing, and Maintenance

A factory worker is asked to clean, repair, and maintain certain machinery and tools in the factory. Additionally, he may also clean the factory area or assist the housekeeping staff in this regard.

  • Purchase and Store Supplies

A factory worker is assigned with the task of purchasing and storing necessary supplies for the factory. These supplies may include raw materials, stationary, chemicals, fuel, safety kits, or other materials and devices required on a routine basis in the factory.

  • Operate Machinery : Factory Job in New Zealand

Some factory workers specialize in operating different machinery and equipment in a production facility. Sometimes, they may also train and assist other staff in safe and efficient operation of a particular or various machines at the plant.

Your tasks and duties will include:

  • Using Batch and Label machines
  • Packaging Health foods (honey, capsules, dairy product)
  • Helping to manufacture goods
  • Cleaning equipment, rooms etc

Skills of a Factory Worker

As a factory worker, a person should:

  • Be well versed with the safety and quality standards followed in a conventional factory setting
  • Be trained in using a wide range of machines and equipment used in different production units
  • Be able to work in a goal driven environment and under strict deadlines
  • Be able to communicate effectively with the coworkers and follow instructions of the seniors in the factory
  • Be able to develop and maintain professional relationship with colleagues and work with team spirit to achieve the goals
  • Be able to work with a zeal for perfection and learn new skills and procedures in a short span of time

Job Description

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To apply for this job, you must:

  • Work well in a team environment
  • Be able to work up to 8 hours a day
  • Be punctual and reliable
  • Experience would be good but not necessary
  • Be able to follow instruction

Kindly visit company’s website from here [ ] to apply directly. Or visit our website for other opportunity

Hours: Monday – Friday, 7.30am – 4pm. You must be able to commit to at least 3 of these days (preferably all days).

Factory Job in New Zealand


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